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AlphaPower defence batteries provide power when it really matters

batteries for military and defence

AlphaPower has battery solutions for Military applications and understands the need for high-quality and reliable products that meet all safety requirements.

defence-batteriesAlphaPower custom batteries are designed with all the above in mind. With our own internal design team and manufacturing facility, AlphaPower can provide high-quality custom batteries with short lead-times.

AlphaPower experience within the market and proven history with the leading cell manufacturers, allow our customers to know that when it comes to military batteries, then AlphaPower will deliver complete safe and reliable products time and time again.

AlphaPower has worked on various military applications using various battery technologies from Primary Alkaline, Lithium Manganese, Lithium Thionyl Chloride, to the high-capacity Lithium-Ion packs with fully embedded battery management systems and chargers. All AlphaPower lithium-Ion rechargeable packs are 100% tested using our internal automated testing equipment, ensuring that the battery and battery management systems are meeting the full criteria. AlphaPower can test many parameters which can be dictated by our customers. AlphaPower will supply a set of test results with each delivery and every battery will be serialized for traceability.

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