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TBS batteries providing power for long durations to meet all requirements

batteries for oceanographic uses

TBS is a market leader in supplying Oceanographic batteries.

submarine batteryTBS knowledge and experience in this sector allows us to work closely with our customers, to ensure that they have the right battery to achieve the right amount of power is this ever changing environment.

Oceanographic batteries range from primary Alkaline packs for telemetry work, to high capacity Lithium Primary cells for deep long term data gathering of ocean floors.

TBS can also provide complex lithium Polymer and Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries (LiFeP04) for ROV and other under water equipment. TBS works with its customers in the following oceanographic market sectors: Exploration, Ocean Science, Telecoms, Drilling, Construction, Pipeline, Dynamic Positioning, Inspection and Repair, Maritime Security, Defence and many others.

TBS uses the best cells on the market, ensuring that we can provide the highest quality and safest products with UK manufacturing, giving short lead times and competitive prices.

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