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Lithium Ion battery packs for the industrial markets

industrial batteries

TBS is a market leader in the provision of specialist battery packs for the industrial market.

industrial-custom-battery-packsProviding batteries for GPS tracking devices, Hand Held devices, Back Up batteries, Portable devices, Tracking and Telemetry, Electronic equipment, Instruments and Gauges, Portable equipment, Water Flow Measuring equipment, Smart Gas/Electricity meters, Oceanographic Analysing equipment, Police Surveillance and Covert equipment.

To supply batteries to this kind of application requires a battery knowledge base to understand our customer’s needs. With a vast array of chemistries and technology available to TBS engineers, means they can find a solution to the most complex of issues. All TBS industrial battery packs are designed and manufactured with safety & quality in mind, giving our customers a reassurance that they are in safe hands.

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